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Our Financing Solutions

Norman K. offers all its clients, private and professionally alike, a financing search service ranging from structuring advice to lender bank search to closing, giving them access to our valuable deal experience and network.

The range of partners is wide, with domestic or international banks.

For what types of financing? - Norman K
For what types of financing?

Our expertise in the field of financing allows us to be a privileged interlocutor with our banking providers on a wide range of financing-related topics:


  • Real estate: purchase, equity release, property development or rehabilitation operations, REIT deals, etc.
  • Corporate: LBO (Leverage Buy-Out) – OBO (Owner Buy-Out) – RCF (Revolving Credit Facilities) – CAPEX or OPEX financing – Senior debt raising support as part of a capital increase…
  • Lombard Loans: backed by portfolios, leverage, or ease of draw
Have the right interlocutor - Norman K
Have the right interlocutor

In the credit search, the interlocutor with the bank remains an essential and decisive element in the final validation of the project by the lender.

Norman K. brings a global team of professionals dedicated to financing, gathering professionals with different backgrounds (real estate professionals, auditors, lawyers …) which allows us to cover every angle of a deal.

In addition, all files are built according to the same rules as those applied by our partners: collect the data related to the client for their credit case, validation of eligibility criteria by our team, assemble the data and credit case in one single proposal, and present the proposal to partners.

International Banking Network - Norman K
International Banking Network

Because deal interest can vary from one institution to another, at Norman K., we strive to develop an international network of banking partners, allowing us to respond to a wide range of financing, over a wide geographical area.

Thanks to this, we strive to offer financing solutions for each client, according to their needs and situation.

 - Norman K
“ Liability engineering has become more than ever a key element in the overall approach. It is part of a strategy of optimization, conservation of financial assets, and management of cash flows. ”
Head of Financing Solutions