Bringing together skills to revolutionize wealth management - Norman K

Bringing together skills to revolutionize wealth management

The diversity of our teams from different backgrounds allows us to offer a real change in our global approach for our clients.
Our Mission - Norman K
Our Mission

At Norman K., we are confident that bringing the right people in the right place makes a difference by making our clients’ desires and projects possible.

We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees by giving great freedom of action and offering a stimulating working environment.


Be part of the independent wealth management revolution.

Join the Norman K. team. - Norman K
Join the Norman K. team.

At Norman K. we value our employees and want to integrate them sustainably into the development of the company.

We believe that learning is a state of mind, and we promote the transfer of skills and knowledge within Norman K.’s teams through a horizontal organization encouraging communication between departments.

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“ We consider our customers as our privileged partners, sharing a long-term vision based on trust and defending their interests. ”
Jean-Philippe Petit,
Chief Investment Officer

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