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Find out how Norman K. can assist you in the overall management of your assets.

We are specialized in investment advisory solutions for international entrepreneurs, families, and institutional clients. Our investment solutions are unique and personalized, stemming from a close collaborative process between the end customer and the investment advisory team.

We take the time to define the overall strategy of the client considering its needs for cash flow, its global wealth, its investment horizon, its targeted return by putting control and risk aversion at the heart of the strategy.

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At Norman K., we seek to obtain the best return for our clients by focusing on risk management and strict control of portfolio volatility. Extensive due diligence on our vast investment universe allows us to provide the best products to our clients. We invest in listed and non-listed assets that give significant decorrelation from the market and the opportunity to generate outperformance. We act as advisors by offering a wide range of investment support.


Our investment advisory team has the necessary skills to set up a specific asset allocation thanks to an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their objectives, whether income generation, long-term capital appreciation, or diversified allocation.