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Norman K Asset Management – Professional

The Norman K mission: To provide tailored and customized support based on our clients' profiles.

Our value proposition

  • An investment fund managed by the portfolio management company Norman K AM having a specific investment strategy reserved for professional clients.
  • A tailored offering meant for all our clients: Investment mandate and dedicated funds
Investment mandate and dedicated funds

We develop investment solutions tailored to each investor’s profile, needs, characteristics, risk appetite and investment horizon.

Our managers support clients in defining and meeting their investment objectives.

Investment mandate - Norman K
Investment mandate

Our services are designed to assist investors who are seeking dedicated solutions.

We support them in designing an investment strategy based on their various constraints (wealth-management, taxes, etc.).

We also offer profiled management mandates providing long-term market exposure based on various client risk profiles.

Our mandate managers provide support throughout the investment period by undertaking a regular review of portfolios and providing exhaustive reporting to the client.
For the purposes of transparency, quarterly dedicated reports are provided for each mandate.

Investment mandates are accessible from €2m.

Dedicated funds - Norman K
Dedicated funds

The offering of dedicated funds is tailored to each investor (or group of investors), offering flexibility, while being adjusted in terms of investment strategy  geography (France, Europe, US, Asia, etc.) and risks (lose of capital, liquidity and valuation).

Our managers also support investors in structuring the vehicle on the basis of tax constraints. The dedicated fund is accessible from €20m.

How we address your needs

Creating an asset allocation tailored to your situation

Working alongside the client to lay out the contours of a long-term investment plan in all asset classes*, based on the client’s own expectations in terms of returns, risk tolerance, capacity to support losses, and based on the client’s internal resources and investment horizon.

Reviewing an existing (or future) portfolio in-depth

Reviewing an existing portfolio can identify new opportunities for supplementing it and seeking to achieve the investor’s objectives.

*within the limits of the certification of the management company Norman K AM

The main risks inherent to an investment in alternative investment funds, mandates and dedicated funds:

  • Risk of loss of capital: Investing in alternative investment funds may cause you to lose some or all of your invested capital. The development prospects of companies in which the funds invest are uncertain.
  • Portfolio securities valuation risk: Valuations of securities held by the fund are based on the current value of those securities. Accordingly, it is possible that such valuations may not reflect the proceeds received when said securities are later sold.
  • Currency risk: Currency risk is the likelihood that the value of an investment in foreign currency, as measured in the fund’s accounting currency, will decline due to unfavourable shifts in exchange rates. Exchange rates may shift rapidly and unpredictably, and it may be difficult for a fund avoid losses by reducing its exposure to a particular currency.
  • Credit risk: Credit risk will be proportional to the proportion of assets underlain by an investment that is tied to shifts in interest rates. Credit risk may arise when an issuer cannot make its payments, i.e., pay out coupons, or cannot repay the principal upon maturity. This inability may cause the Fund’s Net Asset Value to decline, it being understood that the Management Company will do its utmost to minimise this risk by paying special attention to the quality and financial soundness of issuers in which the Fund will be invested directly or indirectly.


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