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Learn more about Corporate Advisory at Norman K

What is Norman K. Corporate Advisory?

As per Norman K.’s fundamental vision, Norman K. Corporate Advisory offers a bespoke approach for two distinct sets of services:

  1. Corporate Advisory for strategic and corporate finance advice
  2. Private Market for non-listed and off-market direct opportunities from early stage to pre-IPO investments

First of all, Corporate Advisory services focus on supporting entrepreneurs: from fundraising to the sale of their business and the preservation of their capital (wealth and asset management carried out by Norman K. AM).

Our services are aimed at clients with existing and established businesses, start-ups, scale-ups, etc. Any entrepreneur, whether alone in his garage or industry mogul, will find in our services a dedicated and independent partner: attentive, dedicated, flexible, ready to assist and find robust solutions through strategic and financial advice, partnerships, structuring, fundraising, acquisitions, and disposals.

With regard to Private Market, we seek to offer our clients investment advice and direct investment opportunities at different stages of investment and with high potential for growth and profitability. We curate a selection of sectors and themes pre-approved by our clients and interlocutors.


Where do these unlisted and off-market opportunities come from?


Our extended network of entrepreneurs, Family Offices, and VCs, regularly share with us primary and secondary investment opportunities. Our Private Market opportunities are not only limited to unlisted companies. We also offer access to more illiquid real assets, including luxury cars, rare wines, art, exceptional real estate, etc.

Following a rigorous Due Diligence phase, the Corporate Advisory team will present pre-selected opportunities to an internal committee. Trusting our holistic approach and privileged relationship with our clients, understanding their needs, appetite, and investment profiles, as well as a global knowledge of the markets, the founders’ committee selects the appropriate opportunities for Norman K.’s clients and prospects.


How do we structure such opportunities, and how can our clients invest?


These opportunities can be structured in different ways:

  • A single block for a single client;
  • Splitting the investment allocation into several tickets using a dedicated SPV to offer the same opportunity to different clients at a reduced entry point in the form of a club deal, and provide a marketplace to facilitate future exits;
  • A partnership or co-investment with an FO or a VC;
  • Create a thematic fund where an opportunity can be added to a diversified portfolio through the support of Norman K. AM.

Norman K. Corporate Advisory fully adopts Norman K.’s 360 degrees approach and one-stop-shop philosophy. We are the trusted adviser and the partner who will support business owners and managers or clients who have an appetite to invest in Private Market opportunities.